Ulyxex is inspired by design patterns

All is controlled by index.php for public pages and by admin.php for edit and post.
You can also add your own script controllers in config.php
Models are in the "core" directory
Views are in "pages" directory

It's works like this

index.php (controller)

----> /pages (directory)
         view_articles.php (view)

------/---> /core (directory)
                view_articles.php (model)

All html formatting rules are stored in one class named "Html" so you can lighten your code and code faster.
Only one field is required for edit an article.

What is an article ?

An article is a content, one field is required, the subject field is only used for data organisation.
TinyMce is aviaible then you can edit the content like using a word processor: edit text, import images, create
datasheet etc.
In ulyxex you are allowed to fully create your content, there is no limits.

What is a page ?

A page is all you want : a group of articles or just one article with a picture, vidéo or everthing you want etc.

What is a page type link ?

A link is a link to an external ressource who appears in navigation menu

If you know php/myqsl, you can add a new entry in controler and add pages and models.

Users levels classification :

level 0) admin, allowed to all and to create users level 1
level 1) allowed to create users (level 2-4), articles, pages and links
level 2) allowed to create articles, pages and links
level 3) allowed to create articles
level 4) allowed to create articles only in sandBox

users and (user's owners) can modify/delete only their own material.